How can I apply to be in Milliot Girls Club?

Just fill in the Google Form with your details. Our team will vet through all applications, we’ll contact you through DMs & email if you’re eligible for this.


No, we want you to be yourself :)

You can choose 2 items from our catalogue each round, which you are free to craft content in any way you like! Be creative!

We will be handpicking our squad based on personal styles, content and posting patterns. Once selected, all Milliot Girls will receive onboarding emails with step by step guidance on the collaboration.

Every month, a batch of our squad will be selected.

Each Milliot Girl will be in for one month. After the period ends, the contract will be reviewed accordingly.

Of course! You’re free to work with other brands! :) There is no obligation of exclusivity to Milliot & Co. for this collaboration.